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"75 Women” Memoir

75 Women is a work in progress. Chapters are being added on a regular basis. If you find them interesting, fill out the contact form and I will let you know when a new chapter is added. Mike Simonds

The articles are in MS Word DOC and DOCX format. To read, please right click on the article title and select save link to your computer.

Part I - Tahoe

Part II – Synchronicity

Part III – The Unicorn

  • Chapter I – Three Strikes and You’re Out
  • Chapter II – My Cancerian Soul
  • Chapter III – Why Do I Feel…
  • Chapter IV – The Fault is in Our Stars
  • Chapter V – The Razor’s Edge
  • Chapter VI – Things Fall Apart

Part IV – In the Beginning

  • Chapter I – The Backup Boyfriend
  • Chapter II – Expanding the Comfort Zone
  • Chapter III – Go East Young Man, to the Far East
  • Chapter IV – The First Appearance of the Trickster Gods
  • Chapter V – India Again
  • Chapter VI – On Going Home Again
  • Chapter VII – Back to Being the Backup
  • Chapter VIII – The Endless Roller Coaster
  • Chapter IX – Married Life
  • Chapter X – The Summing UP

Part V – Wandering in the Wilderness

  • Chapter I - A Gift of the Trickster Gods??
  • Chapter II - City Mouse/Country Mouse

Part VI – Evie, a Love Story

Part VII – The Happy Ever After Woman